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11 Ways You Can Improve Your Business With Google Analytics

When you sign in to Google Analytics you probably just look at your overall traffic for the day and see if it was higher or lower than the previous day. After you do this you probably click around and look at more pretty graphs, but after doing this for 30 minutes what actionable insights did you end up with? In most cases it will be none, but here is how you can change that:
1. How do you stack up with your competition? Through the benchmarking screen you are able to compare your traffic stats with your competition. Of course, this data isn’t 100% accurate because all of your competitors may not be using Google Analytics, but it’s better than nothing.
You may already have a good understanding of whether your website receives more or less traffic than your competition, but do you know how engaged your visitors are compared to your competition? By comparing stats like average time on site you will get a better idea of how you stack up against your competition and where you need to make ch…
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How to Do Customer Engagement If You’re In a Unique Niche?

I once worked with a business that specialized in making custom squirrel horror dioramas.
If you’re wondering what in the world a custom squirrel horror diorama is, then you’ve proved an underlying point of this article.
Unique niches are really tough for marketing.
If there are 37 people on the planet that are in your target market, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.
But at the same time, a unique niche is a huge advantage!
Marketing in a tight and well-defined niche is deliciously straightforward.
You have less competition. You can segment your audience with ease. You can go hyper specific with organic and paid keywords. You can micro target the heck out of Facebook ads. You have the potential to get higher conversion rates. You can get to know each of those 37 people on a first-name basis. But there are some things that are more difficult in unique niches.
What’s Difficult About Unique Niches?
Customer engagement falls into that category.
Okay, so customer engagement itself isn’t that com…

6 Metrics You Might Think are Important But Really Aren’t (And What to Track Instead)

You know all of those metrics you track?
They’re probably worthless.
I’m not saying they have absolutely no value, of course. I’m just saying they’re doing nothing for your bottom line most of the time.
These are the things that you think matter, but don’t.
In other words, you can track them, but don’t rely on them for real dollar value.
The trick is knowing which ones are valuable and which aren’t.
Here’s why some of those “important” metrics don’t really matter. Along with a few actionable ones you should worry about instead.
1. Clicks + Pageviews
We’ve heard it all before. The questions, the egos, the bragging.
How do I drive 100,000 visitors in a month? I need traffic fast!
Here’s how I drove 4,000 visitors a day, you can too with these simple tricks!
It sounds too good to be true, because it is.
Unless you’re getting paid for the pageview, and you want people to bounce instantly and never return, then go for it. Spam your link on Pinterest, forums and Reddit.
But, if you want to be real…

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